Merck published an article on OLEDs in their Explorer Magazine, and in that article they reveal that AU Optronics is developing OLED ink-jet technologies with help from Merck.

AUO developed their own inkjet printer (with collaboration with suppliers), and they used it to develop a 14" printable OLED panel. Merck is working closely with AUO to supply them with soluble OLED materials. There's no word yet on how close this technology is for commercialization yet, and Merck did not reveal any details (or even a photo) of the 14" panel.

AUO is still not mass producing commercial AMOLED panels, but the company seems to be close to doing so. Earlier this month the company unveiled a 5.7" WQHD (2560x1440, 513 PPI) AMOLED panel prototype.

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