Researchers from Arizona State University (ASU) are developing high-qualify OLED lighting devices that emit no UV light. Such OLEDs will be particularly useful in museums, art galleries and similar places, since UV light inhibits the human eye in clearly discerning color variations and the texture of objects.

White OLEDs lighting a magic cube (ASU)

The researchers recently received a $875,000 grant from the US DoE to expand the research. The team is collaborating with Universal Display to develop OLEDs that use a single emissive material to create white light - and not a white OLED device that uses a combination of red, green and blue emissive materials (or yellow and blue).

The new design uses a single molecule that produces an blue emission, and the same molecule emits an orange emission with two molecules stacked on each other. Placed correctly, and such a material emits white light.



More innovation

It's yet another positive in the development of OLED technology.

More refinements are sure to come!


I highly doubt that there is any OLED that emits UV light.

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