You can now pre-order LG's rollable OLED TV in the UK, for 99,999 GBP

A few days ago we reported that LG Electronics is getting ready to launch its 65" rollable OLED TV, the 65RX OLED TV globally. And now the rollable TV is available to pre-order in the UK. The price is £99,999 - or around $137,000. This is higher than the price is Korea, which is around $87,000. If LG manages to find customers, it will ship the TV form Korea.

LG rollable OLED TV RX photo

LG started shipping the TV in Korea in October 2020. Last month it was reported that LG sold only 10 units.

Did Tianma develop its own polarizer-free foldable CFOT OLED architecture?

Tianma unveiled a new OLED display technology, which it refers to as CFOT OLED. This new foldable AMOLED display improves over the company's previous design with a lowered power consumption. The new displays are also thinner than before. The company demonstrated a 8.3-inch CFOT OLED:

Tianma CFOT foldable OLED prototype photo

We do not know much about this new technology. But from the performance boost and the CF part of the name, it is likely that this is a polarizer-free OLED that adopts color-filters instead to remove reflections.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Xiaomi's Mi Smart Band 6 is a fitness tracker that features a 1.56-inch 152×486 AMOLED display, several sensors including an SpO2 oxygen level sensor, a heart rate tracker and an optional NFC.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 photo

The Mi Smart Band 6 is now shipping globally.

LG Display's OLED TV panels receive a 'discomfort glare-free' verification from UL

LG Display announced that its OLED TV panels obtained a 'Discomfort Glare Free' verification from UL, a leading global safety science company. LGD says that this is the first display ever to be recognized as a display that emits no glare.

LGD OLED TV Discomfort Glare Free UL Verification photo

UL’s testing is based on the Unified Glare Rating (UGR), a glare assessment recognized by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). The verification mark is issued only when the UGR is 22 or less when watching TV between 70 lux (lx), which is about the brightness of a bedroom floor lamp, and 300 lux (lx), which is equivalent to the light from a bright window.

Solus Advanced Materials to build a $20.5 million OLED materials plant in China

Korea-based OLED materials maker Solus Advanced Materials (previously Doosan Solus, which was spun-off from DEM in 2019) announced that it will setup a $20.5 million OLED materials fab in Changzhou, Jiangsu province in China.

Solus Advanced Materials OLED plant in Changzhou - render

The new factory will be modeled after the company's existing Iksan (South Korea) fab and iwll produce the same high quality OLED materials. It will start operations by the end of 2022, and by 2025 it will have a capacity of 20 metric tonnes.

Xiaomi Mi Laptop Pro 15

The Xiaomi Mi Laptop Pro 15" 2021 model has a 15.6-inch 3000 x 2000 600-nits AMOLED display. The laptop is powered by Intel's 11th-Gen i5 or i7 CPUs with Intel's Evo Platform and a GeForce MX450 GPU.

Xiaomi Mi Laptop Pro 15 photo

Xiaomi's new OLED laptop will start shipping in early April 2021, with a price tag of $990 and up.

Here come Samsung polarizer-free POL-LESS OLEDs

Samsung Display has been developing polarizer-free AMOLED displays for many years, and last year UBI detailed how the company plans to use color filters to eliminate the need for polarizers and so increase the efficiency of their OLED panels while also lowering the thickness.

Samsung Display POL-LESS AMOLED structure image

DSCC posted an interested article that details Samsung's upcoming polarizer-free OLEDs, which it brands as POL-LESS OLEDs. The first OLEDs to adopt this new structure are expected to be adopted in Samsung's Galaxy Fold 3 later this year.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Xiaomi's Mi Mix Fold is the company first foldable OLED smartphone. It features a main 8.01-inch HDR10+ 1860x2480 AMOLED display that folds inwardly, and an external 6.52-inch 90Hz HDR10+ 840x2520 AMOLED display.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold photo

Other specification include a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 12/16 GB of RAM, 256/512 GB of storage, a triple camera setup and 5G connectivity.

UBI says UTG will hold a 80% market share in the foldable OLED cover material market

UBI Research estimates that Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) will hold a 80% market share in the foldable OLED panel cover material market. The rest of the market will adopt Polyimide films.

UTG vs PI, foldable cover material forecast (2021-2025, UBI Research)

According to UBI, Samsung Display will only use UTG in its future foldable OLED displays. Transparent Polyimide films will be used in budget models, or for displays larger than 10" in size. BOE and CSoT currently use Polyimide films in foldable OLEDs, but both companies are looking to adopt UTG in future displays.

Wise Road Capital acquires Magnachip for $1.4 billion

OLED driver IC developer MagnaChip announced that it is being acquired by China-based Wise Road Capital, for $1.4 billion. This price is about 75% higher than Magnachip's three-month average share price. The deal still needs regulatory approval in the United States.

Magnachip drivers and chips photo

In recent years Magnachip reported increased AMOLED driver sales and accelerated its driver R&D. Last month the company announced that it has started to mass produce its first OLED driver ICs for 120Hz QHD smartphone flexible OLED displays.

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