Solas OLED files a US ITC complaint against Samsung and BOE

Towards the end of 2020, Ireland-based OLED IP company Solas OLED filed a complaint to the US International Trade Commission against Samsung Electronics and BOE, saying that the two companies infringe upon some of its AMOLED patents.

BOE Flexible AMOLED prototype photo

The US ITC apparently decided to launch a section 337 investigation aginst both BOE and Samsung. Solas OLED requested that the ITC to issue a limited exclusion order and cease orders.

Samsung Display plans to establish a new production line to produce OLED laptop displays

The Elec reports that Samsung Display is planning to build a production line for notebook OLEDs, at its A4 factory in Asan, Korea. The Gen-6 production line will have a capacity of 30,000 monthly substrates.

Samsung Display's AMOLED displays for tablets and laptops photo

SDC plans to start ordering production equipment in the summer of 2021, which means that the equipment will be installed within the year, or in early 2022. SDC is already producing laptop displays, so it expects the ramp up to be relatively quick.

Philips 806/856 OLED TVs

Philips' 800-series OLED TVs for 2021, include the 806 and 856 models, which are pretty similar but with a different stand (the 856 has a metal T-bar, while the 806 has stick feet). The 120Hz 4K TVs come in a wide range of sizes, from 77" to 48-inch (on the 806 only).

Philips 856 OLED TV photo

Philips' 2021 OLED TVs support four-sided ambilight, HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM, HDR10+ and the TP Vision's new P5 Picture Processing chipset. The 2021 800-series TVs feature the company's anti-burn-in technology which detects network logos and automatically reduces brightness in that area.

LG Display reports good results for Q4 2020, driven by strong demand for OLED TV and pOLED panels

LG Display reported its financial results for Q4 2020. Revenues reached $6 billion USD, up 11% from Q3 2020 and 16% from Q4 2019. Net profits jumped to $555 million, up from $10 million in Q3 2020 and a loss of $1.6 billion in Q4 2019.

LG Display says that demand for TV and IT products remained strong as the global work-from-home situation continued. Shipments of OLED TV panels and p-OLED smartphone panels increased meaningfully.

trinamiX announces an under-the-OLED 3D imaging sensor

Germany-based trinamiX, a subsidiary of BASF, announced that it has developed an under-the-OLED 3D imaging sensor. This technology can enable high performance face authentication while working behind the display.

trinamiX's technology captures 2D images, 3D images and also performs what the company refers to as a "live skin" test that cannot be tricked by a full-face mask, a 2D image printout or even a 3D sculpture. The hardware consists of just a standard CMOS sensor and a near-infrared light projector.

We now list ePaper displays in the OLED Marketplace

Our very own OLED Marketplace is a popular service that enables device developers to screen a wide range of OLED displays, from wearable panels, through PMOLEDs and microdisplays to high-end flexible smartphone AMOLEDs. We believe this is the world's most comprehensive OLED catalog.

The OLED Marketplace frontpage, with ePaper displays

We are happy to announce that we have now added a new section to the marketplace, with ePaper (E Ink) displays. We have added over 15 displays, ranging from small 1-inch displays for wearables and small devices to 13.3" panels. Most of these displays are monochrome (Black/White) but some also support three colors (Red or Yellow). A few of these displays are flexible.

Sony Alpha 1

Sony's Alpha 1 is a high-end mirrorless digital camera, that features a 50MP full-frame sensor, 8K video support, Sony's BIONZ XR imaging processor. The EVF uses a 240Hz QXGA (around 2048x1526) OLED microdisplay.

Sony Alpha 1 photo

The Sony Alpha 1 is now shipping for $6,500 (body only).

Samsung Display developed a new AMOLED stack that is 16% more efficient

Samsung Display announced that it has employed new materials in its latest OLED stack that enables the display to be 16% more efficient compared to its currently OLEDs. The first phone to adopt the new OLED materials will be the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

OLED display development and inspection at Samsung Display

SDC did not reveal much about the new materials beyond saying that the new architecture "speeds up electron flows in the display’s organic layers". SDC says it uses a new OLED material, which seems to have been developed in-house (although SDC also says it has been 'closely collaborating with global material companies' to increase its competitive edge). SDC holds over 5,000 OLED material patents.

Interview with the CEO of OTFT developer SmartKem

UK-based SmartKem develops a new class of flexible high-mobility OTFT display backplane technologies. The company provides customized solutions involving molecular synthesis, electronic prototyping and on-site technology transfer support.

As Smartkem is developing new backplane materials for OLEDs, ePaper and mini-LED devices, we discuss its technology and business with the company's CEO and chairman, Ian Jenks.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs