Samsung's Gen-7 A4 flexible OLED line to be ready by Q2 2018

According to reports from Korea, Samsung has started construction of a new flexible OLED fab, which will be called the A4 line. This will be Samsung's first Gen-7 line as the company is aiming to expand its technology gap over its upcoming OLED competitors who are all building Gen-6 line.

A Gen-7 line substrate is 1870x2200 mm in size - as opposed to 1500x1800 mm for Gen-6. This means that you can produce more displays per substrate and price per screen is lower. Scaling up evaporation OLED production is not so easy, but it seems that Samsung managed to solve its technologies hurdles - mainly the FMM metal masks and the LTPS annealing process.

Innolux is assisting Sharp with its 4.5-Gen OLED pilot line construction in Japan

In 2016 Sharp announced that it will invest $570 million in its OLED business, with plans to construct two 4.5-Gen OLED pilot production lines in Japan (or maybe China?) with plans to start low volume production in 2018.

Innolux AMOLED prototype, 2012

Innolux AMOLED prototype, 2012

Sharp is owned mostly by Foxconn, who also owns Innolux, and reports in 2016 said that the Foxconn aims to integrate Sharp and Innolux's display business, focusing on OLEDs and IGZO technologies. Innolux's honorary chairman now says that Innolux is indeed cooperating with Sharp on OLED R&D, and the Taiwanese company is supporting Sharp's 4.5-Gen OLED factory construction in Japan.

Red Gate: is there a problem with Samsung's latest OLED panels?

Samsung started shipping its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ phones in Korea, and some of the first customers are complaining that the display have a reddish tint - which did not go away even after correcting the color display settings. This issues was quickly labeled as "Red Gate"... will Samsung face a new crisis?

Red tinted Samsung Galaxy S8 (Yonhap image)

Samsung itself says that there are no quality issues - and that the problem can be adjusted. Customers are welcome to replace their device, though, at service centers in Korea.

LGD to supply Xiaomi with curved flexible OLED panels

Reports from Korea suggest LG Display has secured an OLED supply deal to Xiaomi, for the company's next-gen flagship phone. LGD will supply Xiaomi with curved flexible OLEDs, similar to the ones used in Xiamoi's Mi Note 2.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 photo

According to the report, LGD already supplies flexible OLEDs for Xiaomi's Mi Note 2 - but with very limited volume. Once LG's E5 fab starts producing panels later this year the company's capacity will be increased dramatically and it will be able to support volume production to Xiaomi - and also to other handset makers in China. We recently reported that Apple is in talks with LGD regarding flexible OLED supply for the 2018 iPhone, and other reports say that Google is also discussing a possible supply agreement with LGD.

AUO developed a foldable AMOLED with a wide color gamut using SPS structure design

AU Optronics developed a new foldable AMOLED display that can endure very severe folding and environmental impact using symmetric panel stacking (SPS) with an innovative color filter structure design. The display also features a wide color gamut (95% BT.2020). This paper was awarded as a distinguished paper at SID and will be presented at DisplayWeek next month.

AUO 5'' foldable AMOLED prototype, 2017 photo

AUO demonstrated a 5" 1280x720 (295 PPI) AMOLED that was folded bidirectionally over 1.5 million times at a 4-mm bending radius - without any damage on the panel performance. AUO also developed a foldable 7.8-inch display that can be folded to a 5.5" display (bidirectionally as well). The resolution of the display in its open state is 1920x1440.

Audi's latest Sportback Concept car sports OLED lighting taillights

In 2015 Audi demonstrated a luxury electric crossover concept car, the e-tron quattro, which sported OLED displays and OLED lighting in its frontlights and taillights. Audi is soon set to unveil its latest e-Tron concept, this time of a sportback edition, which also uses OLED tail lights.

Audi did not show the new car yet, but did release the video you see above demonstrating the OLED taillights, and also the image below.

Hyundai's Genesis demonstrates a new concept car with a flexible OLED display

Genesis (a premium sub-brand of Hyundai) unveiled its latest concept car, the GV80 SUV. The car sports several new technologies (including a hydrogen fuel cell) - including a long curved OLED display - 22" in size.

Genesis GV80 interior photo

Earlier this year Chrysler unveiled its Portal concept car - which sported an elongated flexible OLED that seems very similar to the one used by Genesis. According to reports the Chrysler flexible OLED prototype was produced by Samsung Display.

Apple wants LGD to supply it with flexible OLEDs starting in 2018

Apple is moving forward with its 2017 flexible OLED phones, and the company has to rely exclusively on Samsung Display as SDC is the only OLED maker capable to produce the capacity Apple needs and the quality flexible OLEDs.

LG Display 5.5'' flexible AMOLED panel (SID 2015)

But in 2018 LGD is also planning to ramp up its flexible OLED capacity, and according to a new report from Business Korea LGD was approached by Apple with an aim to secure LG's capacity for Apple's 2018 phones. LGD reportedly did not yet make a decision - which will have to be made at the end of June once its new Flexible OLED fab comes online.