Reports say that the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 5.5" FHD AMOLED is made by EDO and BOE

A few days ago Xiaomi launched a new entry-level smartphone, the Redmi Pro - with a 5.5" FHD AMOLED display. According to a report from China, that AMOLED is produced by two Chinese display makers - EverDisplay (the main supplier) and BOE Display.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro photo

Everdisplay (EDO) started mass producing 5" 720p AMOLED displays towards the end of 2014. Since then the company seems to be accelerating its OLED program, and is now offering several displays - including indeed a 5.5" one (EDO also produces and develops smaller AMOLEDs for wearables and larger ones for the automobile market).

Coherent reports $250 million in FPD orders, mostly for flexible OLED production systems

Photonics-based solutions provider Coherent reported its financial results for CYQ2 2016. Coherent received over $240 million in flat-panel display related orders, including a single order for systems in excess of $100 million. Most of these FPD orders are tied to flexible OLED production.

LTPS laser annealing photo

Coherent also said it starts to see orders for other process steps in OLED production, including Short-Pulse Lasers for film cutting and excimer lasers for Laser-Lift-Off.

AUO reports a strong quarter, expects growth in OLED shipments

Taiwan's AU Optronics reported its financial results for Q2 2016. The display maker says that it saw strong demand for displays, including TV displays and the average panel price bottomed up in the quarter - and started to pick up. Revenues reached $2.5 billion and gross profit reached $175 million.

AUO 1.3'' circular plastic-based flexible OLED prototype photo (SID 2015)

AUO's experienced growth in both OLED client number and projects number. The company expects to ship over a million OLED panels in Q3 2016. AUO is focused on OLED for VR application and the company produces 3.8" (1080x1200) and 5.5" VR OLEDs, reaching a high 420 PPI. AUO also develops OLED displays with higher resolution - larger than 600 PPI, aiming to bring this into mass production as soon as possible.

Samsung reports a solid quarter thanks to strong GS7 sales

Samsung Electronics reported good Q2 2016 earning results - revenues reached $45 billion and operating profit was $7.17 billion, highest since Q1 2014. Samsung saw excellent mobile phone sales - mostly from its high-end Galaxy S7 and S7 edge phones. The component (semiconductor and displays) profits were lower than last year, but slightly better than Q1 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at MWC photo

The Display segmented improved over the last quarter - led by increased OLED capacity utilization. SDC sees the stable earnings for OLEDs ahead, and the company said that the capital expenditure will be slightly higher in 2016 compared to 2015, and most of it will concentrate on OLED and V-NAND capacity as the company sees high demand for these components.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro

Xiaomi's Redmi Pro is an entry-level smartphone that features a 5.5" FHD AMOLED display, a dual-lens camera, dual-SIM, 10-core Helio X2 chipset, 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro photo

The Redmi Pro is now shipping in China for about $225.

Encapsulix announces a new 200 mm ALD system for flexible OLED encapsulation

Encapsulix logoALD equipment maker Encapsulix developed a new ALD system (the Infinity 200) that is optimized for deposition on 200 mm substrates - for both R&D or manufacturing systems. The new system offers several advanced features especially suited for thin-film low-temperature encapsulation deposition on flexible substrates, particular for OLED displays.

Encapsulix announced that the new system was successfully installed and qualified for ultrafast OLED encapsulation at Leti, the CEA Tech research institute in Grenoble, France. Additional systems will be delivered in the next 12 months to customers in Asia.

Samsung Display reportedly decided to halt transparent OLED production

Samsung Display announced its 55" mirror and transparent OLED displays back in June 2015, and later announced that it will start shipping those displays in Q2 2016. In May the company announced its first customer (a hair salon in Seoul) - but said that shipments to other customers will only begin in Q3 2016.

Samsung Display 55'' transparent OLED photo

TechRadar today claims that Samsung decided not to produce these transparent displays after all, because there was not enough demand to justify the investment. This is not confirmed yet, but it may be that Samsung could not make these displays at attractive enough prices due to low yields and high production costs.

UK reviewers favor LCD over OLED TVs for HDR content

We are quite used to the fact that all reviews and tests to show that OLED TVs outperform the best LCD and Plasma TVs, but in a recent HDR shootout in the UK, LCD TVs actually were favored by the audience.

LG OLED65E6P photo

The UK HDTVTestweb site pitched several LCD TVs against LG'd 65" OLED65E6 TV. The TV that got the most votes was Samsung's UE65KS9500 (UN6KS9800 in the US), and the runner up was Panasonic's TX-65DX902 (65DX900 in the US). The shootout used several HDR clips.

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