OLED-Info interviews LG Display on the company's latest OLED development and long-term goals

LG Display is one of the two companies that lead the OLED industry, and the Korean display maker recently announced a major shift in focus from LCD displays to OLEDs. We conducted a short interview with an official from LGD regarding the company's OLED business goals and aims.

LGD 111'' double-sided OLED wave (IFA 2015)

Q: LGD's CEO recently gave a very exciting speech regarding OLEDs, as the company shifts its focus towards OLEDs. What made you take that decision? How do you see the OLED TV market evolving in the next few years?

Market competition is getting fiercer with Chinese manufacturers rapidly catching up in terms of technology and capacity. In response, we recognize that differentiation in product and technology is essential to growth and maintaining leadership in the display industry.

Will Microsoft's upcoming Band 2 wearable use a curved OLED display?

Back in 2014, Microsoft launched their first smartband, simply called the Band, with an LCD display. The company is now reportedly aiming to launch the Band 2 on October 6th, and according to a leaked photo it looks like it might be using a curved display:

Microsoft Band 2 leaked photo (Sep 2015)

The Band 2 looks very similar to Samsung's Gear Fit which was launched in 2014. The Fit had a flexible OLED - a curved 1.84" (432x128) Super AMOLED.

DisplaySearch sees the AMOLED market growing while the global smartphone display market is shrinking

IHS DisplaySearch says that while the global smartphone display market is contracting, AMOLED shipments are growing. The main reason for that is Samsung Electronics' use of AMOLED displays in low-cost phones, and the adoption of AMOLEDs by several Chinese phone makers.

DisplaySearch estimates that AMOLED sales reached $2.4 billion in Q2 2015, up from $2.3 billion in Q1, $1.7 billion in Q4 2014 and $1.5 billion in Q3 2014.

DisplayMate: LG's OLED TV outperforms Samsung's best LCD in nearly all categories

The display measurement experts at DisplayMate posted a very interesting article comparing LG's 65" 4K OLED TV (the 65EG9600, which costs $5,999) and Samsung's top of the line 65" 4K LCD (the UN65JS9500). DisplayMate performed dozens of tests, comparing those two high end TVs in several scenarios.

DisplayMate OLED TV vs LCD TV (black levels, Sep 2015)Black level comparison, OLED (left) vs LCD (right)

DisplayMate finds that the OLED TV outperforms the LCD in all the tests - the only category in which the LCD outperformed the OLED was brightness with average picture level higher than 25%. Specifically the OLED offers a higher contrast, a higher color accuracy, much better viewing angles, faster response time and higher power efficiency.

LG's 2015 curved 55" Full-HD EG9100 OLED TV is now shipping

LG launched its 55EG9100 a few months ago, and this new TV is is now shipping for $2,499. The EG9100 is a 55" curved Full-HD OLED TV that features webOS 2.0, a dual-core CPU, magic remote and passive 3D (2 glasses included). The TV is ultra-slim at 4.8 mm.

LG 55EG9100 photo

The 55EG9100 is LG's entry-level 2015 OLED TV, and its' $500 more expensive than the 2014-model, the 55EC9300 (which is now on sale for $1,999). LG's 55" 4K curved OLED, the 55EG9600 costs $3,999.

LG's 65" 4K flat OLED TVs now shipping in the US for $5,999

LG's 65" flat 4K OLED TVs (the 65EF9500) are finally shipping in the US - and as expected the prices are the same as the curved version - $5,999. The 55" models are not shipping yet - but Amazon says they will ship within 3 to 5 weeks.

LG EF9500 photo

It's great to see LG finally shipping flat OLEDs. The EF9500, available in either 55" (55EF9500) or 65" (65EF9500) models feature a flat 4K OLED panel, HDR, a new anti-glare filter, WebOS 2.0 and quad-core CPUs. LG offers similar curved models, the EG9600 TVs at the same prices.

Samsung Display to start making transparent OLEDs for home appliances?

Samsung Display has been playing around with transparent OLEDs for ages, and lately the company unveiled large-size (55") mirror and transparent OLED display panels, with plans to mass produce these by the end of 2015.

Samsung 55'' transparent OLED (IFA 2015)

According to a new report by Digitimes, Samsung Display is also thinking about starting to make transparent OLEDs in smaller sizes, with an aim to use these in home appliances such as refrigerators. The company aims to unveil the first products that use transparent OLEDs at CES 2016.

The OLEDs World Summit: early bird pricing expires Friday, September 25

The 17th annual OLEDs World Summit will bring together experts from across the industry to provide cutting-edge content for immediately actionable insights. Taking place October 27-29 just outside of San Francisco, CA--the OLEDs World Summit is the longest running technical conference of its kind.

OLEDs World Summit 2015 banner

Don't miss 2015 presenter, Gregory Cooper, Ph.D., Founder and CTO of Pixelligent Technologies, LLC. Dr. Cooper will present on Pixelligent's state-of-the art, scalable light extraction techniques; changing the lighting roadmap and ultimately, driving broader adoption of OLED use. .

LG lowers the price of its upcoming flat 55" 4K OLED TV to $3,999

Last month announced it is bringing its EF9500 flat 4K OLED TVs to the US, with the 55" one priced at $5,499. We estimated that LG will actually lower the price to match its 55" curved 4K OLED, and this indeed happened today.

LG EF9500 photo

Amazon.com now lists the 55EF9500 at $3,999 - the same price as the 55EG9600 curved OLED. Amazon says the TV will ship in 3-5 weeks which means sometimes in October.

LG Electronics to demonstrate 55" rollable OLED TVs in CES 2016

Back in 2012, LG Display was awarded a project by the Korean government to develop 60" UHD flexible and transparent panels by 2017. Later in February 2014, LGD said it is still on target for this project, and in July 2014 the company demonstrated 18" flexible (shown below) and transparent OLEDs.

Today LG Electronics announced that it will demonstrate a 55" rollable OLED TV at CES 2016 (which will take place in Las Vegas, on January 6-9). This is just a prototype, of course, but according to LG Display's original plan, it will have production ready 60" UHD rollable transparent OLEDs by 2017.

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