Huawei's circular OLED watch to ship next month

According to reports, Huawei will start shipping its Android Wear Watch next month. The company's first smart watch sports a 1.4" 400x400 (286 PPI) circular AMOLED display, a heart rate monitor and fitness tracking, six-axis motion sensor and a barometric sensor.

Huawei Watch photo

We do not know yet the price of the Watch. The AMOLED display could be made by either AU Optronics, Everdisplay or Samsung Display. The most likely supplier is AU Optronics.

Samsung's Super-AMOLED Galaxy Tab S2 to ship September 2nd

Last month Samsung launched two new AMOLED tablets, the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch and Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch. Those two high-end tablets will start shipping on September 2nd, and you can now pre-order those tablets: the 8" one for $399.99 and the 9.7" one for $499.99 (those are the Wi-Fi only, 32GB models).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch photo

Both tablets adopt QXGA (2048x1536) Super AMOLED displays (263 PPI on the 9.7" and 320 PPI on the 8"). Other features include an octa-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, 32/64 GB of internal storage, 8MP rear camera, LTE (on some models), Android 5.0 and a 5,870/4,000 mAh battery. Those are the thinnest (5.6 mm) and lightest (389/265 grams) metal-framed tablets on the market.

Archos Diamond S

Acrhos' Diamond S is an Android smartphone that features a 5" 720p Super AMOLED display, 1.5Ghz octa-core CPU, Android 5.1, 16MP camera (8MP front camera), LTE, dual-SIM, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. This is Archos' first OLED product since 2007.

Archos Diamond S photo

The Diamond S will ship in November 2015 for about $250.

ITRI demonstrate new flexible, foldable and rollable OLED prototypes

Taiwan's ITRI demonstrated several new flexible OLED prototypes at Touch Taiwan. As promised a few weeks ago, ITRI demonstrated a 7" flexible OLED touch panel prototype. The panel has been developed in collaboration with Heraeus which integrated its Clevios PEDOT conductive polymer based touchpanel.

ITRI/Heraeus 7'' flexible touch OLED prototype photo (Aug 2015)

ITRI also exhibited a z-fold 7.1" Full-HD (310 PPI) AMOLED prototype that can be folded both inward and outward. The bending radius is 5 mm.

IDTechEx sees a $184 million flexible encapsulation market by 2020

IDTechEx Research says that the flexible encapsulation (barrier) market for flexible devices (such as displays, but not only) will reach over $184 by 2020. IDTechEx sees next-gen single-layer encapsulation solutions to capture a part of the market in the future.

Henkel flexible OLED concept image

IDTechEx also takes a look at two specific technologies. Flexible glass is not seen to become the solution of choice in the short to medium terms due to the fragility and the fact that it cannot be stressed out of axis - and extreme flexibility can be a problem. Flexible glass is seen to be the best choice for a substrate material, though.

Olympus E-M10 II

The E-M10 II is an entry-level mirrorless camera that features a 16.1 mp sensor, Full-HD video (60/50 fps), 5-axis image stabilization, a 3" tilting LCD and an OLED viewfinder (1024x768).

Olympus E-M10 II photo

The E-M10 II will start shipping towards the end of August for $650 (body only).

Mitsubishi and Pioneer launched bluelight-less OLED lighting panels

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer announced that they developed a bluelight-less OLED lighting panel. The OLE-P0909-C3S module which contains this panel is actually already shipping, and it is produced using the wet-coating process developed by the two Japanese companies.

MPOL bluelight-less OLED photo

The new panel emits a minimal portion of blue light - less than 1% of the amount emitted by Mitsubishi and Pioneer's regular 3000K OLED panel. The panel is a candle-color type - with a 1900K color temperature. The module size is 92.4x92.4 mm (active area 76x76 mm) and is 4.3 mm thick. The maximum luminance is 3,000 cd/m2.

AUO to show a bendable AMOLED that detects manipulation

Tomorrow AU Optronics will unveil a new 5" bendable AMOLED prototype that integrates a sensor that can detect when user bend the panel. The idea that detecting the size and direction of the manipulation can help create a user interface that complements regular touch functions.

The 2011 Nokia Kinetic demonstratorThe 2011 Nokia Kinetic demonstrator

This is the first time we hear of an OLED display maker that is going to present such a prototype - but the idea is not new. Nokia demonstrated a similar device back in 2011 - the so-called Kinetic phone concept used a 4" OLED that was bendable, and bending the device could be used to select an option or zoom an image.

Wisechip sees fast growth in the wearable display market, is world's second largest PMOLED maker

Taiwan-based PMOLED maker Wisechip says that the company is the world's second largest PMOLED maker, and is now enjoying the surge in the PMOLED wearable market - due to its three-year long focus on that market.

IHS PMOLED market forecasts chart 2014-2018

Wisechip quotes IHS DisplaySearch that sees the PMOLED market growing from 53.5 million units ($368 million in sales) to over 70 million units (and almost $450 million in sales) in 2015. The volume growth will continue until 2018, while revenues will reach a peak in 2016 and then decline (due to lower average panel costs, evidently). Most of the growth will come from wearable devices and smart home applications.

LG's flat 4K OLED TVs coming to the US soon

In January 2015, LG announced their new OLED TVs for 2015. The company is mostly pushing curved TVs, but many people actually prefer the flat variants. But it seems that the company's 2015 4K flat OLED TVs are finally coming to the US, following their recent launch in Korea.

LG EF9500 flat OLED TV photo

According to BestBuy, both the 55" 55EF9500 and 65" 65EF9500 are on their way to the US - and will be on sale soon. Hopefully LG will price them similarly to the curved variants - or even cheaper as they are easier to produce. Only yesterday LG lowered the price of their curved OLEDs: the 65" curved OLED TV is now offered for $5,999 and the 55" is priced now at $3,999.