eMagin to use Eyelit's manufacturing software to optimize production efficiency and ramp production

Eyelit, a manufacturing software provider, announced today that eMagin selected their Eyelit MES software to further optimize production efficiency at its NY manufacturing facility. Eyelit's software will help eMagin to increase manufacturing yield, reduce cycle time and ramp production.

eMagin says that Eyelit's software will help them to configure processes quickly with WIP tracking to improve visibility, and to phase in higher-level functions such as SPC and equipment management. eMagin expects to increase their production volume significantly compared to last year and efficiency is very important currently.

LG and designboom launch a new OLED lighting contest

LG Chem, LG Electronics and Designboom teamed up for a new OLED lighting design competition. The first category will use LG Chem's standard rigid OLED panels. The winner will receive $5,000 and the runner up will receive $3000. In the second category, one can use LG Chem's flexible panels and/or transparent panels. There will be one winner in that category ($5,000).

This is not just a design competition - LG wants to find lamp designs that they can produce, and they will have the right of first refusal to the exclusive use of the designs for production. If I understand it correctly, LG will pay $10,000 for the rights to the design they want to produce.

Samsung and LG may cross-license OLED patents

Samsung and LG have agreed to resolve their OLED dispute outside of the court of law, and both companies dropped their injunction lawsuits. Now we hear that the two companies may begin working-level talks to resolve their legal issues in early March. Samsung Display's Kim Ki-nam said that the two companies are considering cross-licensing patents, but it's too early to decide on that yet.

Samsung and LG have been involved in a legal battle over OLED (and other technologies) IP for almost a year now. DisplaySearch speculated that the two Korean giants may eventually collaborate on OLED technology, mostly due to fear from Japanese competition.

Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS

The TG-2 iHS is Olympus' flagship waterproof/rugged point-and-shoot. The camera sports a 12MP sensor, 4X optical zoom, built-in GPS, Full-HD video and a 3" AMOLED display (610,000 pixels).

The TG-2 iHS is now shipping for $399.99 (with an accessory bundle).

OLED-Info Facebook comments canceled

In the beginning of February we enabled Facebook comments on OLED-Info. A lot of people were happy about this, but we finally decided to cancel this option, and remain with our own internal commenting system, for several reasons.

Anyway. We're sorry that all the Facebook comments have now been deleted (We couldn't find an easy way to migrate them to our own system). If you want you can still reach out to us using our Facebook page of course.

Sony's new A58 DSLR uses an SVGA OLED viewfinder, maker unknown

Sony announced a new DLSR, the A58. This new mid-range camera sports a newly-developed 20mp sensor, new lock-on focus mode and auto-object framing mode. The EVF uses an SVGA (800x600) OLED microdisplay. The back display uses Sony's new Triluminos Quantum-Dots enhanced LCD (the first time this display is used in a consumer product, expect Sony's newest TVs). We just spotted the A58 on Amazon.co.uk - and it will launch on April 19 2013 in the UK for £500.

That SVGA OLED microdisplay is interesting. Sony themselves released 0.5" XGA (1024x768) and 0.7" 1280x720 OLED microdisplays back in August 2011 (they are using the XGA ones in several DSLRs, such as the A99 and the A65), and they never mentioned an SVGA one. We do know that both eMagin and Olightek are making SVGA microdisplays however.

Samsung to unveil the S4 on March 14, but will it use an OLED display?

Samsung has given out invitations for their new Galaxy phone (which will probably be called the S4, as you can see from the image below) launch event - on March 14th, in New York (7PM ET). Early this month it was reported that Samsung is beginning to produce the 4.99" Full-HD (440 PPI) AMOLED display that will be used in this phone. These reports come from Korea, and are apparently based on Analysts researching Samsung's supply chain companies.

However, two days ago SamMobile (a usually credible blog) posted that the S4 will in fact not use an OLED at all. They quite an "insider" claiming that the phone will use a 4.99" Full-HD SoLux LCD display. The processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 @1.9 Ghz - and not a Samsung-made Exynos 5 processor as was previous estimated.