Samsung files a patent invalidation suit against seven of LGD's OLED patents

The legal war between Samsung and LG Display continues: today Samsung Electronics filed a patent invalidation suit against LG Display, saying that seven of its OLED patents are invalid as they lack innovation. We do not know yet what patents are involved.

Two months ago LG Display filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics over OLED technology, saying that Samsung infringed upon seven of its OLED patents which relate to the design of the OLED panel, the driver circuitry and device design. LG seeks damages - and also a permanent injunction against the sale of Samsung's Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in South Korea. We assume that the seven patents in Samsung's new suit are those same patents.

Video of Mitsubishi's Diamond Vision OLED at Narita airport

Back in June Mitsubishi announced that they completed the installation of the 9.6 x 1.9 meters 160-degrees concave Diamond Vision OLED display at Narita Airport. This cool display (called Panorama Vision) ;is made from 2,000 96 x 96 mm PMOLED panels. Now we found this video showing this display in action:

This is Mitsubishi's third Diamond Vision OLED installation that we know about. The first one was a 3.84x2.3 meter display installed at Merck's research center and the second was the 6" Geo-Cosmos sphere installed at Tokyo's Science Museum.

Samsung to unveil a 4.99" Full-HD Super AMOLED panel at CES 2013

Last week we reported that Samsung decided to use OLED technology in its upcoming Full-HD mobile phone display, and today we hear that Samsung plans to unveil this panel at CES 2013 (January 8-11). The panel's size is 4.99" which means 441 PPI (at 1920x1080). Back in October it was reported that Samsung managed to reach 400 PPI using a modified FMM technology.

A 4.99" display is quite larger than the S3 (4.8") and it's not clear whether this will be used in the upcoming S4 phone (I think there's a limit to the size of Samsung's main flagship smartphone). The Note II has a 5.5" display, so the new panel is somewhat between those two phones. Samsung may be able to put this larger display into a case with the same as as the S3 one, by narrowing the bezel and perhaps removing the home button.

UDC announces a $50 million share repurchase program

Universal Display has approved a $50 million share repurchase program over the next twelve month. The repurchases will be on the open market.

As of September 30 2012 UDC had about $239 in cash. In early 2011 the they raised $250 million. They said they are looking at IP acquisition and indeed in July 2012 UDC bought Fujifilm's OLED IP portfolio for $105 million. In September the company said it does not see any large acquisitions ahead. In addition, patent litigation has pretty much ended in Japan and in Korea

Samsung to stick with AMOLED tech for upcoming Full-HD mobile phone displays

A couple of weeks ago we heard reports that Samsung will abandon AMOLED technology in favor of LCD for their next generation flagship phone because they want to have a Full-HD display and they cannot achieve this resolution with OLEDs. New reports from Korea suggest that Samsung Electronics decided to stick with OLEDs. Samsung Display is apparently certain it will be able to produce such high-resolution OLED displays using a modified FMM process.

Production of AMOLED panels at Samsung (photo)

This is of course great news for Samsung Display and the OLED industry. Obviously we'll have to wait and see whether Samsung actually managed to mass production displays using the new technology. Otherwise Samsung Electronics will have to delay their new flagship phone and this will be a major setback for the company.

eMagin extends supply agreement to the FELIN program with Sagem

eMagin announced that it signed a contract extension with Sagem for the exclusive supply of OLED Microdisplays for FELIN (Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications). The new extension includes about 15,000 additional microdisplays. eMagin is the exclusive OLED supplier to FELIN and future Sagem Optronics products through 2017. Sagem will also gain early access to a soon-to-be-announced family of new eMagin OLED microdisplays (perhaps the high brightness 2000x2000 ones).

eMagin microdisplays

The original agreement was signed in 2006 and included OLEDs for helmet mounted displays, weapon sights and target designators. eMagin says they shipped over 17,000 OLED microdisplays to Sagem to date.

BMW's new sport steering wheel includes a small OLED display

BMW announced a new sport steering wheel (the M Performance) that aims to display data and info on the wheel itself. It includes a small white PMOLED display on the top and two LED meters on the sides. These displays can show you average fuel consumption, speed, oil and water temperature, g-force and cues for gear shifts.

The M Performance steering wheel costs $1,700.

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