Solvay invests €10 million in Plextronics

Solvay announced that it invested €10 million in Plextronics. Solvay is Plextronics' largest shareholder. Plextronics is developing and selling polymer-based materials and technologies for key applications of printed electronics - such as OLEDs and OPVs.

Plextronics Inks photo

In March 2011 we posted an interview with Andy Hannah, Plextronics CEO. It's great to hear that the company succeeded in another financing round, and hopefully this will accelerate the technology development.

Sony Cyber-shot TX55

The TX55 is a compact camera that offers 16.2 mp sensor, 5X optical zoom, a 3.3" touch OLED display and 1080 p video. The camera also features 42.9 mp panoramas, optical image stabilization 3D image capture, low noise levels and a new digital zoom technology that Sony calls Pixel Super Resolution - that can provide 2X digital zoom (i.e. 10X combined with the optics) and still capture 16.2mp images at full quality.

The TX55 is now shipping for $350.

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Apple wants to launch an OLED TV using LG Display's panels?

OK, this is obviously some wild speculation. Australia's Smarthouse reports that Apple is in talks with LG Display to supply 55" OLED TV panels for an Apple OLED TV. There are indeed some rumors that Apple wants to introduce their own TV, and of course they are looking for ways to differentiate this. And if any company can get away with the premium cost these panels will carry, it's probably Apple.

While we know that LG Display plans to start making 55" OLED TV panels in 2012, we are still quite skeptical here. LG's capacity will be very low at first (probably thousands of units a month, at best) - and this will not be enough for Apple. But we can hope, can we?

LG: Samsung is misleading the market because OLED displays are not suitable for smartphones and tablets

Earlier today we learned that LG Display decided to stop investing in small and medium sized OLEDs. Now we hear that LG Display's CEO commented that Samsung is misleading the market - because OLED displays are not suitable for smartphones and tablets - "OLED displays are not suitable in terms of picture quality, response time, energy consumption and contrast ratios".

Samsung Super-AMOLED display

That is a very strange comments by LG - as we know that people love OLED displays. In fact recent reviews of Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus displays were raving - Engadget for example says that the Super AMOLED Plus is spectacular, and is on-par with Apple's Retina display. If the recent reports about Samsung's Super AMOLED HD displays are true - then this display will beat an IPS-LCD display hands down.

Apple files a new patent for a 3D multiple transparent OLED displays device

Apple filed a new patent for a glasses-free 3D device that uses multiple transparent display layers. The different layers would actually allow for visual depth to be seen by the users.

Apple multiple T-OLED patent

Apple's patent specifically mentions OLED panels as the technology used to make the transparent displays: "The use of OLED panels may provide an advantage over traditional display devices, since OLED panels do not require a backlight to function, and may therefore be much thinner and lighter than backlit display panels. OLED panels are further capable of displaying deep black levels and can naturally achieve a high contrast ratio."

LG Display to stop investing in small OLEDs and focus on large panels, plans 55" OLED TVs in 2012

LG Display's CEO (Kwon Young-soo) says that the company decided to stop investing in small/medium sized OLED panels. The company will focus on their AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching) LCDs instead - which are more profitable and also has less flows then LGD's OLEDs (update: Kwon Young-soon thinks that Samsung are misleading the public because their OLEDs aren't good enough).

LGD will probably still produce AMOLEDs in the recently opened Gen-4.5 plant (they are already supplying panels to Nokia) - but it seems that LGD will not expand the monthly capacity to 12,000 as planned (currently they make 4,000 substrates a month).

MBraun releases three videos introducing their OLED processing equipment

MBraun released three nice videos showing their OLED processing equipment. The first one shows the UV-03 Cleaner - for the cleaning and activation of glass substrates or other optical surfaces using a simultaneous application of UV light and oxygen. This tool is used in both the coating and the encapsulation processes:

The second video shows the Vacuum Hotplate - used for both basic research and manufacturing. The combination of vacuum and heat transfer allows curing at modest conditions, addressing the sensitivity of organic materials to elevated temperatures:

Samsung expects to start selling the Galaxy S2 in the US in August

Samsung Electronics says that they expects to start selling the Galaxy S II in the US in August. The S II is Samsung's quickest selling phone - selling 3 million units just 55 days after its release.

Samsung's Galaxy S2 is the successor to the popular Galaxy S. It has a 4.3" WVGA Super AMOLED plus display, 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, NFC, Bluetooth 3 and HSPA+. It's only 8.49mm thick at its thinnest point.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs