Samsung to exhibit flexible and transparent AMOLEDs at CES 2011

Samsung announced that it will be showing flexible and transparent OLED displays during CES, but it seems that those displays aren't new. The first display is a 4.5" WVGA flexible AMOLED. This seems to be the same display shown at the FPD 2010 exhibition (November 2010):

The second display is a 19" qFHD transparent (up to 30%) AMOLED for TVs and monitors, and also a 14" qFHD transparent AMOLED for notebooks. This also seems to be the same displays shown at the FPD exhibition.

LG to show an FPR-based OLED 3D TV?

According to LG's official flickr account, the company is set to reveal a new 3D OLED TV panel that will be based on the company's new Film-Type Patterned Retarter (or FPR) technology. FPR adds a polarized filter to the TV which enables 3D using passive glasses - which are cheaper than active-shutter glasses. LG also claims that FPR eliminates flicker and crosstalk.

We're not sure if this new OLED TV will be the same as the 31" one unveiled in August 2010 - which also used polarized 3D glasses. But the FPR technology is said to be new, so we do not know. We'll have to wait and see...

Samsung NX11

The NX11 is an update to the NX10 - adding i-Function lenses and changes the grip. Otherwise it's identical to the NX10: a 14.6mp APS-C sensor, 720p video and a 3" AMOLED display.

The NX11 will be released in February for $649 (with a 18-55mm i-Function lens). The NX10 is now shipping for $599 with the same kind of lens (just without the i-Function of course).

Iain Sinclair Poco Pro

The Poco Pro is set to be the world's thinnest full-HD pocket video camcorder - it's about the same size of a credit card. It features a 14mp sensor, 2.4" AMOLED touch display and a micro SD card slot.

The Poco Pro will be available (hopefully) by Q2 2011 from £200 ($310).

Cowon D3 Plenue

Cowon's D3 is an Android (v2.1) running PMP with a 3.7" AMOLED display, Full-HD (1080p) support, Wi-Fi, HDMI out, Bluetooth and a T-DMB TV tuner. It's got 8/16/32GB of onboard storage and a microSD slot. It's got some applications (such as twitter and social networking) but apparently it can't run 3rd party Android apps.

The 32GB version is now shipping, and it costs $369.

Kaneka announce an OLED lighting competition

Kaneka is developing OLED Lighting panels, and have announced a competition - to design a lighting object to be set up in bars. Kaneka will present a bar space (designed by the architect Mr. Koichi Suzuno) based on the 'Attractive bars in Japan' theme in the MilanoSalone 2011 exhibition. This bar venue will be using designs from the competition.

The first prize is one million yen (about $12,000) and an invitation to the exhibition. There are also 3 runner up prizes. You can send your designs by January 10th.

The ICDM approved Samsung's AMOLED Emotional Image Quality Evaluation standard

Samsung Mobile Display announced that the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) approved their Emotional Image Quality Evaluation (EIQE) standard. The new standard improves on the National Television System Committee (NTSC)’s standard which simply measures the RGB colors in a flat space. The new standard calls for measuring all colors reproduced by the display and taking into account external factors such as lighting.

The EIQI is based on the Volume Color Reproduction Capability (VCRC) which considers colors in a three-dimensional space. It is also based on human perception by using the Perceptual Contrast Length (PCL) standard that expresses perceived degree of lightness. If you measure AMOLED displays in the NTSC standard, it turns out that it is less bright than LCDs. But using the new standard, they are brighter, and the resolution is perceived to be better.

Q&A with Kristin Knappstein, business chief at Philip's OLED unit

Philips has transformed the Business Center OLED Lighting into a Global Business Unit OLED. They tell us that this emphasizes the importance of OLEDs within Philips. Kristin Knappstein, Head of Business Creation in the OLED unit has kindly agreed to answer a few questions we had.

Kristin Knappstein photo

Q: Hi Kristin, and thanks for your time. You have launched the first Lumiblade panels back in 2009. How's the response so far?

The first Lumiblade panels were already available in 2008 through our Technology kit, which was very well sought after.

Since then we have had constant request for panels in all shapes and sizes. Today, people not only can order from from our webshop a wide array of standard panels – which are delivered in our Lumiblade Experience Kit – but also our Lumiblade modules and moreover Lumiblades of individual shapes and sizes by contacting us.

Reactions have been very positive and inspiring to us. General statements by our customers are that it is good to have a brand new technology accessible the way we as Philips give access to it. As for a customer driven company it is our strategy to have this feedback in order to align our products with the customer needs.

Samsung sells 9.3 million Galaxy-S phones in 2010 so far

It seems that Samsung will be able to reach its 10 million Galaxy-S sales goal for 2010: they just announced that they have sold 9.3 million phones so far in 2010, and expect to sell at least 10 million by the year's end. In Korea, the Galaxy-S outsold the iPhone 4 during 2010 (2 million units of Galaxy S vs only 1.8 million iPhones).

Samsung Galaxy SSamsung Galaxy S

The Galaxy S is an Android phone with a 4" WVGA 800 X 480 Super-AMOLED display.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs