What to expect from SID 2010

The SID (Society for Information Displays) conference is the leading Display trade show, and SID 2010 will take place towards the end of May (23/5 till the 28/5). What can we expect from this show?

Sony 24.5-inch 3D OLED prototype

SID is not a consumer oriented show, and usually companies do not show new products - so we don't expect any new phones or an OLED TV. But we do hope that some companies will show us new medium/large OLED panels that are ready for production.

Novaled demonstrates OLEDs on metal substrates

Novaled is demonstrating OLEDs made on metal (steel) substrates that are only 0.7mm thick. Those substrates require specific top-emitting OLED structures, and Novaled has developed dedicated ITO-free OLEDs that has a similar performance to standard bottom-emission OLEDs. Novaled is also working on thin-film encapsulation that will enable flexible OLEDs.

Novaled OLED on metal

Novaled say that metal substrates has several advantages: they will enable flexibility, they have good heat conduction properties, and the "open the roadmap" towards low-cost roll-to-roll production. They also look great and are very robust.

The HTC Incredible is now shipping for Verizon

The HTC Incredible is now shipping for Verizon's network in the US - and it costs $99 with a new service plan (if you want to use an existing plan, it'll cost $530). The Incredible has the same hardware as Google's Nexus One, but with HTC's Sense UI: 3.7" 480x800 WVGA touch AMOLED display, Android 2.1, 1Ghz processor, 8mp camera and 8GB of internal memory (plus a microSD slot).

HTC IncredibleHTC Incredible

Buy it now for $99 from Amazon.

Quicklogic verifies their display-enhancing technologies for OLEDs

QuickLogic announced the verification of their Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) and Display Power Optimizer (DPO) technologies with OLED displays for mobile devices. These technologies enhance the viewability of displays in low-brightness or bright-ambient-light conditions by dynamically optimizing video characteristics to provide a better user experience. They also allow the brightness to be lowered and thus enhance battery life.

QuickLogic's proprietary VEE technology enhances image and video quality by optimizing the dynamic range, contrast, and color saturation of content on the display on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This provides a superior viewing experience for the user under any ambient light condition. QuickLogic's DPO technology can significantly reduce display power consumption through intelligent control of the display brightness.

Researchers create efficient and thin night-vision system using OLEDs

Researchers from the University of Florida has developed a new night-vision technology using OLEDs. They are using thin-film OLED panels to convert infrared light to the visible spectrum. The design has 7 separate OLED layers - each one amplifying the signal and converting it to the visible spectrum.

Cheap night-vision using OLEDs photo

They say that a full-scale night vision can weight less than 125 grams and be very efficient. This can revolutionize night vision as we know it. They have currently made a prototype that's only 1 square cm in size, but in 18 months they hope to scale it up to a cell-phone display size, or even a car windshield. This research is funded by DARPA.

Nokia N8

The N8 has a large (3.5") touch OLED and runs Symbian^3 on a 680Mhz CPU. It also has Wi-Fi, a microSD slot and a 12mp camera.

The N8 is now shipping to pre-order customers, and will begin shipping to new European customers on October 18th. It costs $549 unlocked in the US, and in the UK it costs £419.99 sim-free.

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