Apple's OLED iPhone X is an expensive device - the basic model costs $999 - but it won't stop here. Apple announced the costs of repairing the new flagship smartphones, and these are considerable higher compared to Apple's other phones.

Apple iPhone X photo

Fixing the SDC 5.8" 1125x2436 flexible Super AMOLED outside of the warranty will cost $279, over $100 more than the cost of fixing the display of the iPhone 8 ($149) or iPhone 8 Plus ($169). Apple offers its Care+ plan that extends its initial 90-day coverage to 2 years, which may be a wise option due to the high cost of repairs. The Care+ package costs $199 and a screen repair will then cost $29.

The OLED display is indeed expensive, and KGI Securities estimated the cost of each panel, produced by SDC, at $120. That's still a nice profit for Apple in the case that it breaks...

But it's not just screen repairs that are expensive if you opt for the iPhone X. Any "other damage" repairs will cost $549 without Care+. That's about the cost of a brand new iPhone 7...

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