Bloomberg posted an interesting article, saying that Apple is making good progress in its Micro-LED development project, and has managed to produce promising display samples. Apple is seeking to use Micro-LED displays in future wearable products - and eventually use Micro-LEDs in smartphones and maybe VR HMDs as well.

Apple display facility (Santa Clara, California - Bloomberg)

Apple display facility, Santa Clara, CA

Apple is not likely to become a MicroLED producer, but it does seek to control the production process entirely - and so become the first (and only) company to be able to adopt these displays.

Apple Micro-LED development effort is now located in a 62,000 square-foot facility in Santa Clara, California - which houses around 300 engineers that design and produce Micro-LED display samples. Apple is also growing its own LED chips at the facility. In any case, Bloomberg reports that it will still take a few years before Apple's technology is ready for production.

See here for more information on Apple's MicroLED project.

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