Apple introduces the iPhone 4S, with the same 3.5" Retina display

Apple hosted their iPhone event yesterday, and introduced the latest version - the iPhone 4S. It uses the same 3.5" Retina (LCD) display as the iPhone 4. The hardware upgrades are not very exciting: a faster processor (dual core A5) and an upgraded camera (8mp). It also includes a hybrid CDMA and GSM chipset.

A few weeks ago we started hearing rumors that the next iPhone (the iPhone 5) will include an OLED display. Even though such rumors circulated before each Apple product introduction, this time Samsung's AMOLED production capacity may indeed be high enough for Apple - so we're a bit disappointed. Of course, the iPhone 4S is a 'minor' update and not an entirely new device - and we're sure Apple is working on the iPhone 5. Will it be the first Apple OLED device? Time will tell...

Posted: Oct 05,2011 by Ron Mertens