Apple has announced the new iPhone 4. The display is a 3.5" IPS-LCD (960x640, 800:1 contrast ratio), which Apple calls a "Retina display". Why "Retina"? Because the dpi is 326ppi - "beyond the human eye's limit of distinction". Steve Jobs says that it's better than an OLED display. Even if they wanted to use OLED, no one can make enough panels...

iPhone 4

Other than the new display, the iPhone 4 is still a 3G (UMTS) phone based on the new A4 processor. It's thinner than the 3GS, but has a bigger battery (it's rated at 7 hours of 3G talk). Other features include Wi-Fi (802.11n), gyroscope, new front-facing camera, 5MP back camera that can record HD video (720p @30fps). The iPhone 4 will be available in white or black, will cost $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB, and will go on sale June 24th.



Better than an OLED display?

Haha... In no way is an IPS LCD going to be better than an OLED display. Oh wait - it's better for them because they actually have access to it.

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