Display Daily posted an interesting article about the consumer-electronics industry, showing how Apple and Samsung are clearly leading this market, both in revenues and in income. I think this is a great post and this chart tells the story the best:

The author speculates that if current trends continue then LG will catch up with Samsung and Apple. In fact, if Apple's next iPad and iPhone product fail to become a hit, LG may replace Apple as the 2nd place consumer electronic company. It will be interesting to see whether OLED TV and flexible OLED panels, which will be dominated probably by LG and Samsung in the near short term, will help the Korean companies establish their leading positions even further.

Of course, it's also important to remember that this industry changes fast. Only a few years ago people did not count Apple at all, and only ten years ago the Japanese companies were clear leaders. So trying to forecast into the future here is risky. For example it may be the Sony and Panasonic succeed in low-cost printed OLED TV production which may enable them to become the display leaders again.

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