In January 2019 Austria-based Sensor developer AMS announced a new RGB light and proximity sensor IC that can be placed behind an OLED screen, and still accurately measure the intensity of ambient light. Later in 2019, AMS said that the new sensor is a "resounding market success".

AMS TCS3701 design

In its latest conference call, AMS management said that its behind-the-OLED light and proximity sensing is continuing their adoption in major Android platforms. The company is now shipping very high volumes of sensing solutions. The company is now developing more behind-the-OLED technologies with significant R&D activities.

AMS is developing a behind-the-OLED face authentication technology, that combines VCSEL illumination, NIR sensing, software and algorithms. AMS plans to demonstrate behind-the-OLED 3D technology using active stereo vision around year-end this year. Later on, AMS plans to explore potential architectures for behind-the-OLED 3D sensing related to structured light.

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