In January 2019 Austria-based Sensor developer AMS announced a new RGB light and proximity sensor IC, the TCS3701, that can be placed behind an OLED screen, and still accurately measure the intensity of ambient light.

AMS TCS3701 design

In AMS' recent conference call, the company's CEO says that the new sensor has already become a "resounding market success". Several major smartphone platforms recently launched in Asia already adopt the new sensor and shipment volumes are expanding. AMS says that customer traction for behind OLED continues to be strong and the company expects adoption to broaden from this into next year.

AMS says that the TCS3701 enables OLED smartphone makers to further reduce the front bezel and place yet another component behind the OLED display. The TCS3701 senses the light that passes through the display, and using unique algorithms the sensor can detect ambient light levels accurately without any information regarding the display pixel brightness above the sensor. AMS says taht volume prices start at $1.25 for orders of 1,000 units.

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