AMD stresses the need for high-resolution VR displays, is working with eMagin for 18 months

OLED microdisplay maker eMagin developed a 2K x 2K OLED microdisplay based VR HMD, which is now being offered to partners (the company's first licensee is probably ODG). The company is also developing its next-gen 4K OLED microdisplays.

eMagin needs to find a high-volume production partner if it wants to enter the consumer market (eMagin announced production expansion will not be enough) and eMagin already stated that it is in talks with potential foundry partners. One of these partners is AMD - which we already know is working with eMagin.

In August AMD's Roy Taylor confirmed the collaboration with eMagin, but we weren't sure whether this collaboration is still in place. Roy Taylor gave another speech a few days ago, in which he stressed the need for a high-resolution VR display and says that AMD is working with eMagin for over 18 months now. It seems that this collaboration is still going, which is good news for eMagin. You can view the relevant part in the video above at about 16:40.

Disclosure: the author of this post holds shares in eMagin

Posted: Sep 25,2016 by Ron Mertens