Best Buy has been offering LG's 65EC9700 65" 4K OLED TV (the 65EC9700) for a few weeks now (although it seems they are not shipping the TVs yet) - and today Amazon started offering this TV as well - for $9,999. Amazon lists it as "temporarily out of stock" and there's no estimated shipping date yet.



This TV has been offered for

This TV has been offered for significantly less. Approx. 9000 US$ in some US webshops and it was announced for approx. 5000 US$ in some webshops in Switzerland. Were these just fake offers, or why is Amazon now offering at ~10.000 US$?

I've ordered mine !

Hi !

I've ordered mine last week for CHF 3,760 (=US$ 3,870). My price is fixed, but the shop has already changed it to CHF 4,980 for the next orders (whew I was lucky !). They say the shipping date should be week 50 (December 12th) but... wait & see :)

Good luck! keep us updated!

Good luck! keep us updated!

Can you paste a link, where

Can you paste a link, where you got it?

Here's our story on the

Here's our story on the Switzerland LG 65" OLED TV price puzzle with a couple of links (higher prices by a bit, but still way lower than the US)

Swiss Prices

Hey... I have ordered mine about 6 weeks ago with an estimated delivery date of end December. I have paid CHF 4'490 (about USD 4'600) with a well known and trusted retailer. There are plenty of other offerings from various resellers at the moment from CHF 4'700 to CHF 5'700 (USD 4800 - 5900). The exchange rate of USD to CHF is about 0.95 so more or less 1:1 at the moment.I cannot explain the quite substantial price difference although the model number is different, the European Version is called LG 65 EC970V  while the US version is called 65 EC9700. The VAT in Switzerland currently is 8%, the prices indicated are net prices including everything (VAT and shipment). My reseller told me, that LG said, the TV will ship between 30th December and 15th January. So let's see...

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