Aixtron announced that it has reached an important milestone with its new OVPD demonstrator OLAD (Organic Large Area Demonstrator). After an internal test phase lasting several months and producing excellent results in some cases, the system is now available for initial customer tests.

Aixtron OVPD R&D Demo Cluster

Aixtron says that the OVPD technology (developed originally by Universal Display, and licensed exclusively to Aixtron) offers an optimized and efficient deposition with very short cycle times compared to conventional VTE systems - which should lead to drastically reduced OLED production costs.

The OLAD is an 8.5-Gen (2250x2250 mm) OVPD deposition system that is intended to be used as a demonstration system for potential customers. The system is integrated into a suitably-sized process chamber in cooperation with Manz AG.

In October 2014 we interviewed Aixtron's biz-dev director who explains the company's OLED technology and business.




Do you think that aixtron could deliver these solutions to the new LG display plant with its 8 billion usd investment? Has any display supplier already committed to the new ovpd process? 


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