Air Liquide says it has been selected to supply ultra-pure carrier and electronic specialty gases to three new fabs manufacturing advanced display technologies, such as OLEDs, LTPS, MEMS, and OLED backlighting (we assume they mean OLED lighting). The fabs are located in Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. All those fabs will produce small/medium displays for smart phones and tablets.

Innolux AMOLED prototype, 2012

We know of new OLED fabs in all those locations: in Japan several companies (such as Lumiotec, Mitsubishi and Panasonic) are producing OLED lighting panels. Both CMI and AUO in Taiwan are gearing up toward AMOLED production, and in Singapore AFPD (a 4.5-Gen LTPS fab owned by AUO) is also upgrading the LTPS LCD fab to OLED production. Any of these fabs may have selected Air Liquide's product.

We already know that Air Liquide is supplying gaseous nitrogen and oxygen and liquid Argon to Samsung's AMOLED fabs in Korea.