AGC's developed new technology to enables ultra-thin (0.1mm) glass to used in current manufacturing processes

AGC announced that it developed a carrier glass technology that can be used to laminate its 0.1 mm-thick ultra-thin glass on carrier glass. This means that current manufacturing processes can be used with AGC's ultra-thin glass without modification. AGC's ultra-thin glass offers excellent transparency, heat resistance and electrical insulation and is also flexible.

AGC is aiming towards roll-to-roll production methods, which could not use ultra-thin glass until now. The new technology uses a 0.5-mm thick carrier glass laminated on the ultra-thin glass itself. The laminated glass substrate can be handled much the same as an ordinary glass sheet: it protects the glass (from heat, chemical processes and direct contact with processing equipment) and can be easily be removed after processing.

AGC's glass can be used for displays and other devices, and a few weeks ago AGC showed a a new concept called Luminous Touch which integrates an OLED lighting panel into a glass (this is not AGC's ultra-thin glass though):

Posted: May 31,2012 by Ron Mertens