Acuity Brands unveiled three new OLED luminaires concepts at Lightfair 2013 last week. The company says that the new concept designs "demonstrate new dimensions in human connectivity, made possible through interactions with the pleasing, fluid lighting expressions only the OLED source can achieve". While these are just concepts, the company does plan to launch them as commercial products and will announce this later this year. As far as we know, Acuity Brands uses LG Chem made panels.

The first concept is called Modelo and it uses square and rectangular panels to create personalized ceiling and wall luminaires. Configurations can include straight, curved, round, oval and square patterns.

The second concept is called OLED Marker. These simpler luminaires have a unique slim appearance and can be combined with various faceplate shapes and panel finishes. The Marker is available with white or amber OLED panels and is a low-power, low-ambient lighting system.

The third concept is the Lumen Being. This is a personal envelope of light that is gesture-controlled. Using hand waves you can control the brightness and how the luminaire distributes light to the task or ambient environment. You can also pre-program the lamp to select directional brightness. The Lumen Being uses 20 rectangular OLEDs.

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