Accent Pro 2000 logoAccent Pro 2000 (AP2K) is a private company based in Romania that specialized in developing X-ray digital imaging systems for application in Non-Destructive Testing and Security.

AP2K, together with other European partners have developed (under a European Framework 7 funded project called PlastronicsSpec) a digital X-Ray system for real time NDT inspection of OLED displays.

The new equipment is able to X-Ray scan flexible or glass OLED displays having maximum size of 600 mm X 600 mm, obtaining sample 2D X-ray images with resolution up to 1 micron. The investigation technique is fully automatic, the sample's defects are detected by continuously comparing display's each pixel cell with a reference cell image.

Company Address: 
Nerva Traian 1
S3 031041 Bucharest
Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes