The May Design Series furnishing fair chose London-based design house AB Rogers Design to design the exhibit hall. As part of that exhibition, AB Rogers installed a beautiful OLED setup called the OLED Tree Bar. AB Rogers used dozens of LG Chem circular OLED panels in a very simple installation to show how OLEDs enhance the design freedom and can be used to integrate light into any design.

The OLED panels were attached to piano wire rods by standard adhesive tapes, the cables were connected to a power driver, then the driver was plugged in. That was the whole setup. The bar design was based on the notion of sustainability, especially considering that the installations were to be torn down after the exhibition. The basic bar structure was comprised of recyclable cardboard tubes.

AB Rogers is building its new office in Dove Row, and they will reuse those OLED panels in an installation in their new office.

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