4D Systems have recently released a new and improved range of custom graphics processors and display modules:

  • The GOLDELOX-GFX2 (enhanced GOLDELOX-GFX): an embedded 4DGL graphics controller. The chip is designed to interface with many popular OLED and LCD display panels.
  • New PMOLED modules: The modules are compact and cost effective, with an embedded GOLDELOX-GFX2 graphics processor that delivers ‘stand-alone’ functionality to any project. Powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features are built inside the GOLDELOX-GFX2 chip.
  • The GOLDELOX-SGC(8-bit) and the PICASO-SGC(16-bit): intelligent Serial Graphics Controllers designed to interface with many popular color OLED and LCD display panels.
  • Smart Serial Display Modules: from a tiny 0.96" OLED module all the way up to 3.2" TFT to suit most small to medium size graphics user interface applications.
New 4DS OLED products 2009 photo

More information can be found over at 4DS' web site

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