11 people charged in Samsung's OLED technology leak to LG

A couple of months ago we reported that LG Display is suspected of OLED technology theft from Samsung Display. Yesterday it was reported that 11 people, including a former SMD executive and several Samsung and LGD employees where charged in that case.

SMD held a press conference saying that it stands to lose billions of Korean Wons (a billion Won is about $850,000 US) from the leak, and wants LGD to formally apologize in that case. LGD also held a press conference, denying the accusation and saying it's not responsible for this leak, and in any case the companies use quite different OLED technology so it does not need SMD's tech (which is used to produce Direct Emission OLEDs, but LG is indeed using WGRB, or WOLED-CF based OLED panels).

A former SMD executive (surnamed Cho) is suspected of taking home data regarding Samsung's Small Mask Scanning production technology, and later taking up a consulting position at an LG affiliate (he had a two-year job transfer ban from Samsung to LGD). The data was delivered to LG via e-mails and messages, and Cho received up to 190 million Won from LG (about $160,000).

Last month it was reported that the Korean police is investigating another case of OLED technology leakage - this time by Israeli company Orbotech's local Korean branch. Six Orbotech employees are suspected of leaking AMOLED (and WRGB, or WOLED) technology from both LG Display and Samsung to several Chinese and Taiwanese companies.

Posted: Jul 17,2012 by Ron Mertens