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Jul 06, 2012

Verbatim started shipping the Velve OLED lighting evaluation kit back in May 2011, and last month they sent us a unit for review. This is the world's first (and only) color-tunable OLED lighting panel, and it's pretty exciting.

What's in the box

This OLED evaluation kit contains a power plug, USB cable, control software CD, a user manual and of course the OLED module itself. Unlike Philips, the package is very basic. Unlike most OLED sample kits I reviewed so far, Verbatim's panel is enclosed in a large heavy metal case. Verbatim says that it 'adds value' (and protects the panel) and they got positive feedback, but on the other hand it really misses the point of having a thin light panel. In fact, while the panel itself weighs just 192 grams, the module weights about 700 grams.

Verbatim Velve OLED lighting box photo

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