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Dec 24, 2008

The nice guys at UnitedKeys sent me one of their OLED keyboards for a review. So first of all, Let's start with a quick video showing the keyboard and seeing how keys can be customized:

The first thing you notice when you unpack is that it's rather large - obviously with the nine OLED keys at the left. The keyboard itself is rather well built. Usually I'm picky with keyboards, but I like this one (although some keys are weird for me, like the home/end/delete block above the arrow keys). It takes a bit of time to get used to... but in any case UnitedKeys also sell just the keypad, which might be a better choice if you have a keyboard you already like.

The PMOLED displays are monochrome (yellow) color, 64x64 each. There's no color depth - each pixel is either on or off.

Unitedkeys OLED keyboard unpackedthe OLED keyboard unpacked

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