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LG's wallpaper OLEDs also coming to its commercial OLED signage range

Jan 01, 2017

Yesterday we posted about LG's upcoming Wallpaper OLEDW7 TV launch at CES 2017, and today it turns out that LG Electronics is also launching a similar wallpaper TV for its commercial OLED signage range.

LG's model number for its Wallpaper Signage OLED TV is 55EJ5C-B (at least in the UK). This TV uses a 55" FHD panel (which is quite disappointing - I would have expected a 4K one!). LG already lists the TV in its UK and HK sites and also published the installation video above. also lists the price of this panel - £5,599 (almost $7,000 USD).

Skyworth demonstrates a dual-view 55" OLED display

Sep 09, 2016

Chinese TV makers Skyworth demonstrated a dual-view 55" OLED display - this is a device that include two OLED panels, probably aimed towards signage and commercial applications. The OLED panels themselves are probably provided by LG Display.

In September 2015 LG Display presented its own double-sided OLED display prototypes, in both curved and flat formats. In March 2016 LG officially launched those products under their new commercial OLED unit.

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Here's a video of Vestel's first OLED TV

Sep 08, 2016

A few days ago Turkish-based TV maker Vestel demonstrated its first OLED TVs at the IFA 2016 trade show. This is a 65" 4K HDR TV (with panels provided by LG Display).

Vestel did not yet reveal the model number or any pricing details or release date. The video above shows Vestel's booth and those new OLED TVs.

Loewe demonstrates its upcoming Bild 7 OLED TV

Sep 02, 2016

In July Loewe announced its first OLED TV series, The Bild 7, and the company is now demonstrating its upcoming TV at IFA 2016:

The Bild 7 uses flat 4K OLED panels (produced by LG Display) and features Loewe's own image processing software (VantaVision) and a slim and powerful soundbar that is revealed only when the TV is activated. The Bild 7 will launch later this month for €4,990 (55") and €6,990 (65").

AUO demonstrates a 5" foldable AMOLED

Aug 28, 2016

AU Optronics demonstrated a new foldable touch-enabled AMOLED last week at Touch Taiwan 2016. This impressive display won the gold-panel award for 2016.

The display is 5" 1280x720 (295 PPI), and is only 0.1 mm with the in-cell touch layer. AUO says the panel withstands over a million folding cycles at a folding radius of 4 mm. The color gamut is 100% NTSC.

Futaba shows its flexible and automotive OLEDs at SID 2016

Jun 20, 2016

Futaba has been producing flexible PMOLEDs since 2013, and the company demonstrated its flexible OLEDs at SID 2016. Those OLEDs are flexible, but not bendable by the user (which is why Futaba calls them film-type OLEDs).

Futaba's current range of flexible OLEDs include several panels. A 1.4" 128x16 white one (introduced in 2013, was adopted in Huawei's Talkband and Garmin's Vivosmart fitness trackers), and a larger 1.8" white 160x32 panel entered mass production in November 2015.

SDC demonstrates new automotive OLEDs, including transparent and mirror ones

Jun 04, 2016

Samsung Display demonstrated several new OLED prototypes for the automotive market at SID 2016. The company showed three different panels - a transparent OLED, a mirror-OLED and a 'regular' OLED. All three were 7" in size, but with different resolution and specifications.

So first up we have the transparent OLED. This is a 7" panel with a resolution of 480x272 (79 PPI). The transparency is 45% and the brightness is 1,000 nits.

LG demonstrates several OLED technologies at SID 2016

Jun 03, 2016

LG Display had a large booth at SID, showcasing its latest OLED technologies. This was an impressive display with some beautiful screens, even though LGD did not actually demonstrate any new panels, and all those demonstrations were shown at CES 2016 in January.

So first up we have the 77" UHD HDR OLED TV, the Signature OLEDG6. This was the first time I saw this TV, and it was simply stunning. The TV won the best-of-show award at SID, and it was truly merited.