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Sony to buy OLED TV panels from Samsung?

The Korea Herald reports that Sony is in talks with Samsung to purchase OLED TV panels. Sony wants to launch their OLED TVs in 2013 and officials from both companies have met last week to work out the pricing and supply volume.

Samsung OLED TVs at CES

Samsung's Super OLED TV technology uses direct emission OLEDs (as opposed to LG Display's white subpixels with color filters architecture) and an LTPS backplane. The first Samsung Super OLED TV will be 55" in size and feature Smart TV and Smart-Interaction technologies. Samsung still wouldn't reveal the model number officially, but it seems that it will be called KN55ES9000, price or release date, although they do promise it will ship by Q2 or Q3 2012.

So now we have three different reports saying that Sony will buy OLED TV panels from LG Display, AUO and now Samsung. It may be indeed that Sony is talking to all three companies, trying to find the best source for OLED panels. Or it may be that Sony will develop its own OLED TV technology. Hopefully we'll have some official word from Sony soon.

source: The Korea Herald


In some countries, that's illegal... for good reason.

misread. Still can't help but wonder whether a collaboration like this will result in a less competitive market and higher prices.

And I wonder what "collaboration" you are referring to. The article is about one company sourcing parts from another.
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