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Apr 12, 2010

The kind folks over at Osram has sent us one of their new ORBEOS OLED Lighting panel for a review. The ORBEOS is a round (88mm diameter) glass panel that's only 2.1mm thick (it weights 24g). The efficiency is 25lm/W. The brightness of the panels is 1,000cd/m² with power input of less than a watt, and they should last around 5,000 hours. The panels are available now via OSRAM's site, they cost €240 each. The panels were actually released back in November 2009, and OSRAM say that they are happy with the sales and interest so far.


Read on to see my impressions of this OLED panel, and how it compares to Philips' Lumiblade panels which were the first available OLED panels...

What's in the box

The ORBEOS come in a small box which contains the panel inside the 'development kit'. OSRAM has done a great job at this I think, it's very easy to handle. It has a battery (it even comes charged) and it charges via a USB. So what you basically get is a large OLED flashlight.

OSRAM ORBEOS kit in hand photo OSRAM ORBEOS panel backside photo

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