LGD to use Ignis' circuit technology to enhance the performance of its OLED displays

IGNIS Innovation announced that it has signed a non-exclusive patent license agreement with LG Display. Ignis will provide LGD with access to its circuit technology to enhance the performance of OLED displays.

CSOT 5.5-inch MaxLife AMOLED prototypeCSOT 5.5-inch MaxLife AMOLED prototype

Ignis Innovation developed several OLED circuit technologies. It's basic technology involves OLED compensation, both external and internal - which can improve the power consumption and lifetime of OLED displays. The technology should also increase production yields and enhance the picture uniformity and stability.


Ignis has been developing its MaxLife Compensation technology for years. Back in 2011 RiT collaborated with Ignis to develop a-Si based AMOLEDs, and even showed some very nice prototypes, but this never materialized into commercialization. In 2014 Ignis developed 5.5" HD MaxLife-Lite AMOLED LTPS AMOLEDs together with CSOT.

In December 2013, Ignis announced that started shipping 55" OLED TV evaluation samples to display makers to test their MaxLife compensation technology, and maybe these samples attracted LGD that aims to adopt MaxLife in its WRGB OLED TVs.

The MaxLife external compensation technology continuously measures every pixel in the display and compensates for even the smallest shift in performance (due to burn-in or bad manufacturing issues), making it completely uniform and completely stable. MaxLife can work with a-Si, LTPS and metal-oxide backplanes (the 55" panels produced now use a metal-oxide backplane).

In 2015, Ignis secured $14 million in a new financing round, following Ignis's True Vision Display technology unveiling earlier in 2015. True Vision Displays use the company's compensation technologies which extend OLED display lifetime and efficiency, and also enable HDR - even on mobile displays. It's also possible that LGD is looking to enable HDR on flexible mobile OLEDs.

On a personal note - I first met with Ignis in 2012, and was quite impressed with the technology and the team. It will be great to see this technology adopted by LGD!

Posted: Jun 23,2016 by Ron Mertens