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IDTechEx sees a $10 billion OLED display market in 2013, will reach $25 billion in 2017

IDTechEx expects the OLED display market to reach $10 billion in 2013 (up from about $6 billion in 2012). The market will grow to about $17.5 billion in 2015 and will reach $25 billion in 2017.

IDTechEx OLED display market 2013-2017 chart

The company expects only 1% of all OLED displays will be made using a printing process in 2018, and this will grow to 14% in 2023. Similarly, 1% of displays in 2018 will be flexible - and this will grow to 12% in 2023.

That seems rather pessimistic to me. Both Samsung and LG are expected to start producing flexible plastic-based OLED displays in 2013, and I expect these plastic-based OLEDs to be take a large market share in mobile displays. Maybe IDTechEx actually talks about bendable displays, in which case adoption will be slower.

Source: IDTechEx Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics report.

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