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Aug 02, 2013

Cynora is a German startup established in 2003 that developed copper-based OLED emitter systems. In October 2012 the company unveiled a mostly-solution-based flexible OLED prototype, developed in collaboration with InnovationLab. Last month Germany’s BMBF launched the cyCESH project which aims to develop soluble (printable) materials for low-cost high efficiency OLED lighting devices. Cynora is the leader of the consortium in this €6 million project, together with Novaled and the University of Regensburg.

Cynora flexible OLED prototype photo

Cynora's technology is interesting and the company's CEO Dr. Tobias Grab and the company's Business Development manager, Dr. Mathias Mydlak, were kind enough to provide the information for this article explaining the company's technology.

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10.000 cd/m2 from a green OLED may be a bit misleading to people not familiar with the metric behind these units. Candela are linked to the sensitivity of the human eye which has it's maximum in the green. So it is far easier for a green OLED to reach a high value for cd/m2 than it is for a white OLED. The difference typcially is a factor somewhere between 3-6.