Collins Aerospace and Panasonic Avionics launch a next-generation aircraft business suite with a 45-inch curved OLED display

Collins Aerospace, and Panasonic Avionics Corporation have co-developed a next-generation business class suite, called MAYA, which combines the two cmoapnies expertise in design, technology development and integration into a singular integrated solution.

The MAYA suite's centerpiece is a 45-inch curved 4K OLED display, which according to the two companies, provide "users with unprecedented immersion, customization and feature rich personalized viewing experiences". The suite is packed with lot's more technology, of course, and it utilizes recycled, reusable and plant-based materials along with a composite structures to reduce production waste.


Panasonic Avionics launched the Astrova OLED IFE systems back in 2022, later saying that it is the company's best-selling system with over 40 airline programs to date - including United Airlines and Qatar Airlines. Panasonic offers 13-, 16-, 19-, 22-, 27-, 32- and 42-inch display options. In March 2024, Panasonic announced that it shipped its first batch of the latest Astrova 4K OLED inflight entertainment monitors to Icelandair.

Posted: May 29,2024 by Ron Mertens