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Jan 13, 2012

So, OLED was the most discussed tech trend on CES. But the OLED TVs also got a lot of praise from reviewers and consumers - who were amazed to see the panel's thinness, the contrast, the colors and the fast refresh rates. In short - the image on Samsung's and LG's OLED TVs is amazing!

Samsung Super OLED (CES 2012)Samsung Super OLED TV

CNET gave LG's OLED TV the "Best of CES" award: "The winning LG measures just 4mm in depth...and boasts a bezel around the screen just 1mm wide. It's basically all gorgeous picture... CES is a TV-centric show, OLED is potentially the best TV technology ever, and CNET editors agreed that 2012 would be the year of the organic diode". CNET actually says that it's hard to say which is the better OLED TV - the Samsung or the LG one, but LG seems to be more of a finished product, so they gave the award to LG.

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