Carl Zeiss' OLED HMD is finally shipping after 4 years in development

Carl Zeiss has been showing their Cinemizer OLED head-mounted-display product for ages (since 2008 in fact), and finally they started shipping: $749 in the US and £577.90 in the UK. This is the 850x500 model (not the 720p version shown in 2010) that has HDMI (v1.4), Apple (iPhone 3/4 and iPod touch) connectors and A/V inputs.

$749 is quite expensive, considering that Sony's HMZ-T1 HMD costs only $50 more, and offer a much higher resolution at 1280x720. Here's a short video from March 2012 showing Carl Zeiss' HMD in action:


Could have been interesting, but not having 720p like the Sony, it's an "also ran" IMHO.


Now if the future Oculus Rift V2 would be equiped with a 1920x1080 (or 1200?) OLED screen!? Droolworthy. :)

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