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Nov 07, 2011

Blackbody announced their new Smart OLED lamp family back in September 2011, and they kindly sent us a V-LUX OLED desk lamp for a review. The V-LUX is an OLED desk lamp with two long rectangular OLED panels, designed by Bertrand's ID Medas. The V-LUX comes in 4 colors - gray, red, black and white - they sent me the black one.

Blackbody V-LUX with cactus

Each OLED panel is 100 cm2 in size, has a color rendering index of 80 and a color temperature of 3200K. The V-LUX consumes 2.8 W and its size is 35 (H) x 25 (W) x 46 (L) cm. The price is €572.

What's in the box

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No technical data about the lumen output, NITs and life time?

OLEDs products reviewed on this website are not for lighting appplications?

I'm sure that my nephew of 12 years could make an analysis with more technical data....