Amazon UK reveals price and release dates of 4 new Samsung AMOLED digital cameras

Amazon UK has just added 4 new Samsung digital cameras, all with AMOLED displays. 3 Of them we already know about: The CL80 (ST5500 in the UK), the HZ35W (WB650 in the UK) and the NX10. There's another one called WB2000, which wasn't revealed before.

Samsung HZ35WSamsung HZ35W
  • The HZ35W/WB650 will be released on February 2, for £299.99. It has a built-in GPS with geo-tagging capabilities, a 12mp sensor, 15x optical zoom and a 3" AMOLED.
  • The will be released on March 15, for £349.99. It has a 14mp sensor, 7X optical zoom and Wi-Fi (through which you can instantly-upload to flickr, facebook, photobox or picasa. It also has a 3.7" WVGA touch AMOLED.
  • The NX10 will be released on March 15, for £599.99. The NX10 is a hybrid DSLR, with a 14.6mp APS-C sensor and new NX-type lens mount. It has a 3" OLED display.
  • The WB2000 will be released on May 24 for £329.99. It has a 10mp sensor, 5X optical zoom and a 3" OLED screen.
Posted: Jan 27,2010 by Ron Mertens


The WB650 has generated a lot of hype and hot air, but has anyone bought one in the UK? Doesn't look like it. I've had my order with for the last month, and still no sign of it being "available", even though the release date was supposed to be the 22nd February. More telling is the fact that there hasn't been a single revies of the product on In fact I've not seen a single review from the more recognised gadget review sites.. Come on Samsung - put us out of our misery !